Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The Magic of David Copperfield: The Great Escapes

Original Air Date: April 26, 2000

Official Press Release:

A new entertainment special, brings Emmy Award-winning world renowned illusionist David Copperfield back to the CBS Television Network, Wednesday, April 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), undertaking the most dangerous escapes he has ever attempted. Copperfield will also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the process he experiences as he attempts to conquer the great escapes.

Some escapes included:

Fires of Passion -- Copperfield recreates an ancient Amazon ritual when he dangles upside-down, 10 stories high, and must free himself from a straight jacket before fire burns through the ropes and he plunges the 10 stories into a pit of raging flames and razor sharp stakes. This escape is witnessed by an audience of 12,000 people.

Niagara Falls Challenge
-- Copperfield challenges Niagara Falls, confronting one of the most powerful forces of nature in the world, as he is chained to a burning raft and dropped into the perilous rapids where he has 90 seconds to free himself or plummet nearly 200 feet over the falls onto the rocks below. Many have perished trying to survive this deadly plunge.

Imploding Building -- Trapped and shackled inside a locked safe, Copperfield must escape not only the iron compartment around him, but the building the safe is in before the entire structure is imploded with hundreds of pounds of explosive devices.

Escape from Death -- Copperfield, taking a cue from Harry Houdini s famous Water Torture Cell, is chained and bound then immersed in 3,000 pounds of water and has three minutes to escape before a huge, 500 pound spike pierces the tank and, possibly, David.

Alcatraz -- Escaping Alcatraz, Copperfield encounters a series of dangerous and deadly challenges, including timed explosions and ferocious attack dogs, as he makes a break from the infamous prison, a feat attempted by many -- including Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly -- but never successfully achieved.

DAVID COPPERFIELD: THE GREAT ESCAPES is a Clorox Diamond Presentation produced by Planet Grande Productions. David Copperfield is the executive producer. John Watkin and Eamon Harrington produced and directed. The escapes were directed by Michael Dimich, Gary Halvorson, Jeff Margolis, David Kotkin and David Copperfield.

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