Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Criss Angel Mindfreak: Mayhem in the Making

Criss Angel : MindFreak

Original Air Date: October 2, 2007
Episode: Mayhem in the Making (Season 3, Episode 19)

This episode will chronicle a day in the life of Criss Angel as he attempts to shoot an episode of Mindfreak. The viewer experiences the mayhem Criss encounters on a daily basis. The climax of will be a Mindfreak crew party, celebrating Criss' mom's recovery from heart surgery. However, unlike parties in the past, Criss shows up to his mother's room and nobody is there. With a quick close and reopening of a door, Criss magically transforms the room from a desolate venue into the hottest party in Vegas! Celebrity guest: Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

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